Restriction on employee of Google, Facebook and Microsoft

These well-known companies continue to find fascinating information about the benefits and privileges offered to employees. The exciting thing is that the employees of these companies also have some restrictions which are usually not even considered in the offices.

Write it down
In an interview with Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, one of the world’s wealthiest people, Amazon revealed that their employees are banned from making presentations using PowerPoint and using paper pens.

The reason must be stated.

Well-known technology company Microsoft employees are not barred from using the Google app and especially Google Docs, but anyone is obliged to do so for “business reasons”. Think about where and how much you have to do to use Google

Political conversation is forbidden.

In 2019, Google issued a directive to its employees, stating, “The work we are hired for is our top priority, avoiding focusing on work-related issues.” The search engines where you can get world-class information, employees just have to keep working.

Can’t get the iPhone

Employees are not allowed to use the iPhone on Facebook under a “formal” order. The tension between Mark Zuckerberg and Apple Company CEO Tim Cook is said to be the main reason for the ban.

Fix your own English

The use of the well-known application Grammarly in English to help correct grammar and spelling errors is prohibited in Microsoft. Employees may not use it during work. This feature is available in Microsoft Office.

USB storage is not allowed

IBM, a world-renowned computer maker revealed in 2018 that its employees are prohibited from bringing any device that can easily be transferred to the office, including a USB, SD card, and information that can be stored. Yes.

Don’t worry about the environment in the office.

Recently, a lot of interesting information came out about Amazon. Employees there have been obliged not to discuss the impact of the company’s environment and climate change during office hours. Interestingly, Amazon is also the largest rainforest in the world.

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