Two golden principles of long-lasting governance

First. Don’t give your friends more options
Secondly. Learn to use your enemies

It is the story of two different kings ‘the first king’s name was Michael Som’ he was a Byzantine king ‘became king in his youth and handed over all his powers to his dearest friend and estranged brother, Bacillus.’ ‘He used to ride horses in the royal stables’ Michael Willy was in the podium, he went to inspect the stables one day, a wild horse opened up ‘All the guards of the prince ran away’ Neck wrapped.’

The horse made numerous attempts to destroy him, but he failed ‘The prince kept watching the whole scene.’ He was impressed by the courage and courage of the young farmer and

Made him the head of the stables’ It was the beginning of a friendship between the two ‘Michael Som made him a scholar and admitted him to the royal school’ Bacillus was a wise man ‘he learned royal manners in a few months’ When he did, he pronounced him his brother, and began to sit on his throne. ‘Bacillus slowly began to exercise royal authority’ The king trusted him blindly; he went to give him powers’ The royal family and the old courtier. He kept on telling the king, but he was not ready to hear anything against his friend. Even the Bacillus was seized by the state treasury. He also determined the salaries and privileges of the princes of the whole empire and decided to appoint and exchange officials. The king also married his royal family. Zada, whose childhood was spent cleaning horses, became part of the royal family. Basileus was almost a king. Just before him, the barrier was named Bordes. Bordes was Michael Som’s soldier. He was a brave man. ‘Faithful and Wise Commander’ He also occasionally tried to explain to the king in the signage, but he was San blind trust when he does not see the writing on the wall.’
Michael was also killed ‘he rejected everything against the Bacillus’ King’s talkative brother finally started a conspiracy against the Bardis’ He began to fill the king’s ears against Commander In chief until Michael Som The soldier wants to assassinate him and assumes power. Basileus took the king in trust and one day killed the Bardes. The king also handed over the army to his brother. He was also a soldier. After which, the whole Byzantine Empire came under its control.’

The name was run by Michael Som, but the orders issued by the Bacillus’ The king summoned the treasurer one day ‘The Bacillus refused’ This refusal should have been enough to open the king’s eyes, but he refused to accept the refusal to be silent. Done but then one night, the king’s eyes really opened, ‘he was drunk of alcohol’ came with the Bachelor’s Guards to the royal hall ‘dragged the king to the floor of the palace and swung his sword over his head.’ The king looked at him with broken eyes’

He repeatedly thought that a man whom he had brought from the stables to the throne could do this salt forbidden, but the bacillus salt had been forbidden. ‘History tells, the Bacillus cut off Michael Som’s head that night. On the following day, Prya and the horse he rode in the streets of the city, Basilius became king of the Byzantine Empire, while Michael Som became the tragedy of history by falling prey to his friend. We now turn to another king. The other king’s name was Cha Yung Yin.’

He became known as Emperor Singh in history. ‘China had a strange tradition at that time’ the army used to be the strongest institution ‘the young army recruited’ fought with courage and bravery became the general ‘powerful generals weakened generals. Used to kill ‘the various units and regiments of the army divided among their loyalists and finally killed the king and seized power’ Emperor Singh did the same ‘He was the army’s commander, and he was king. Was killed and became king.’

He knew full well that he was a king for a few years. Someone would grab the general power. He would be killed, and someone else would take over his throne. Singh wanted to avoid this end, so he did two amazing things. “He called all his generals to dinner one night,” fed them well, and when he was severely drunk, he removed the guards of the generals from the palace through his guards. The generals saw his death. Was’

Emperor Singh then said to him, “Bloody game has been being played in the empire for over two hundred years.” If I leave you today, someone will rise up tomorrow and kill me and you all on this throne. “Someone will kill him and sit on the throne instead. I want to end this game. You join me. The generals asked in amazement,” How? The king said, ‘I make you all king,’ the generals asked. He said, ‘All of you take retirement.’ I will give you palaces’ feuds and brides’. You live like kings and live in luxury. ‘

The generals liked the offer more than death, so they dismissed ‘Emperor Singh resigned from them’ and gave them land, and they started living in luxury. Singh then turned to his enemies. Divided into parts, ‘Sung conquered King Liu in the southern part,’ arrested him and set him back in his palace and made him his friend ‘China Zhu’s rule over northern China.’

He kept conspiring against Singh, ‘King Singh invited him to meet,’ hosted and endorsed love and finally, on leaving, handed him a box and said, “You will open it halfway” China. When the zoo opened the box about halfway through, he was full of letters he had written to provoke the royal slaves to kill the king, ‘the king’s capacity made him his mascot, so he became his best friend’ He founded the Han Empire in China with the technique of “make enemies,” and he and his family ruled for hundreds of years.

We now comes to the conclusion of the stories of the two kings: ‘Humans have devised 48 principles of power from the recorded history of ten thousand years’, whether it be of King David or Hazrat Suleiman or today’s Singapore and Malaysia. One of these 48 ‘stays on two or five principles’ does not go out of this circle, and the second principle of these 48 is “don’t give your friends too much power” to use your enemies. Learn ”

To this day, anyone who has given his friends powers like Michael Som to date has drowned himself and also his empire ‘Jagir and company, and who, like Emperor Singh, learned to befriend his enemies. Both he and his empire survived ‘man’s nature is his friends sincere and loyal to him only as long as they are friends’ the day we made him our partner’ our minister or our adviser. They become our partners on that day, and the partners remain partners, until they become their partners.

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