Tech pally educes Evergreen Content Implementation

Evergreen Content

I’ve discussed writing evergreen content and the importance of growing your traffic slowly and steadily. Evergreen content can help you to grow and maintain your website traffic. Today, it’s about the implementation, and guidelines to follow in writing your evergreen articles. Tips and examples for good evergreen content Starting point: keywords Evergreen content is mainly … Read more

Increase the popularity of free, small and mobile libraries in Corona Lockdown


After the March lockdown in the United States, people have launched their own mobile and free libraries. They include Christian Gail, who works at the library and starts keeping books in car trunks, small boxes in parks, and glass cases. Although the practice of small beautiful libraries in parks and public places has been growing … Read more

YouTube offers the option to split long videos into chapters

YouTube offers

YouTube offers: The introductory stages of teaching or teaching videos on YouTube are often lengthy, and people want to hear or see the original article somehow. Now YouTube offers such a feature very soon. With this option, any video will be divided into articles or chapters and timestamps of minutes and seconds can be put … Read more