Here are the best weapons for use in PVP in Destiny 2, along with information on where to find them.

the best weapons

Destiny 2 by Bungie places a strong emphasis on its PVE gameplay, with raids, raids, and a plethora of activities; as such, we have compiled a list of the best weapons and how to obtain them. Even after four years, the online shooter Destiny 2 remains a captivating experience, packed with a wide variety of … Read more

Do you want a good shotgun? So you cultivate the perfect paradox


If you’re looking for a powerful shotgun in Destiny 2, you should look at Perfect Paradox. Read what the pump can do and how you can farm it effectively. It’s about this weapon: The perfect paradox is taken to the primary slot, therefore it deals kinetic damage and needs special ammunition. With a rate of fire of 140, … Read more

Facebook introduced ‘Quiet Mode’ for its platform

Facebook introduced 'Quiet Mode'

Facebook introduced ‘Quiet mode’: Facebook users have been spending the most time on this app during the Coronavirus lockdown, and in this context, Facebook introduced the ‘Quiet mode’ of closing the app. Thanks to this, users can now control their usage on Facebook. This approach is similar to ‘Your Time on Facebook. But it also … Read more

Why are people still using cassettes, pagers, faxes and checks?


Last week, some 1,000 people, who were still using pagers in Japan, would shed tears when the pager service was shut down. Wait, you might be wondering if the pager was still running. Although you may not find any more pagers in Japan anymore, they are still used in many other places in the world. … Read more