Bottle feeding machine for birds

Sweden: Coyotes and other birds are very smart and use a variety of tools. Now a master has made a machine in which if the bird drops the lid of the bottle, the machine provides food to the bird in return. Hans Forsberg, a robotics and artificial intelligence expert in Sweden, has built a machine … Read more

Robot toys began painting on canvas

Georgia: Artists in abstract art create art by blindly scattering colors on their canvas. Now a female scientist has used a small robot to create paintings on canvas. Interestingly, these robots can be controlled by the artist to create the design of his choice. Maria Santos of the Georgia Institute of Technology has created a … Read more

Cat fulfilling every wish, for only Rs 2 crore!

Moscow: A few days ago, a Russian woman named Elena offered her pet cat for sale online, which she claims will fulfill your every wish, but it will cost 10 million rubles (20 million). Pakistani Rupees). According to Russian media, the woman is a resident of the Russian Siberian city of Novosibirsk, who last week … Read more

The Russian government dug a trench around the village affected by Corona

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia has dug deep trenches around an entire village for fear of the coronavirus, forcing its population to be quarantined. The local and Russian governments themselves suggest that the epidemic may have been triggered by a festival called a shaman. In these rituals, people communicate with spirits and non-terrestrial creatures, and perhaps … Read more

King of Lipstick: The male model who made the Lipstick brand famous in China

BEIJING: The responsibility for testing and popularizing the world’s most expensive lipstick in China lies with a male V-lager, rather than a female model, known as the “King of Lipstick” or “Iron Lips” for his expertise. Lai Chiaki tries lipsticks from the most expensive brands and earns a lot of money in return. Lai Chinese … Read more