Make ‘solitary confinement’ useful

Time is precious, and destiny is available to them, the problems they face due to lockups and solitary confinement, to their place, to discuss them is not an enjoyable process. The wise one is the one who take advantage of this opportunity by knowing the rich. I come to you without any hesitation. Since lockdown … Read more

How to Protect your life from wasting

At the moment, the wheel of all kinds of economic, social and social activities has been jammed around the world. Offices, schools, factories, airports, bus stops, highways, markets, shopping malls look dim. Parks, playgrounds, playgrounds, even synagogues are deserted. It feels as if someone has captured and braced the fast life. Whether we believe it … Read more

Coronavirus, an exam for women

“Hey Begum, you’re free, make potatoes paratha today … Laundry has not come. Obviously, you have to wash now, it’s not my nature today that your hands would split.” ‘ “Ban ‘Gulabo’, has shaken my tab setting. My notebook, she’ll be damaged. ” After Corona, this situation is no longer the story of a single … Read more

The Corona virus and our nation

I have today’s newspapers. Every headline, every line, is crying Corona. The Prime Minister of Pakistan has also announced to address the nation soon, and the implementation of serious decisions taken by the National Security Committee has begun. TV screens are reporting an increase in the number of Coronavirus victims every once in a while. … Read more