Answer with a boycott!


Seeing the boycott slogans, posts on Facebook, examples of boycotts of Kuwait, and Jordan everywhere on the publication and display of blasphemous sketches by the French government, we also started thinking of participating in this campaign and eating egg paratha instead of French biscuits for breakfast. They were looking at the French seal on the … Read more

Two traditional neighbour India and Pakistan


Traditional neighbour: The elders say that if there is a thief in mind, even the slightest shock makes the heart tremble, and the servant becomes frightened and fearful. Today, traditional neighbour India is in a similar predicament, even more terrified. India is a thief in its own mind, India is constantly conspiring against Pakistan, sometimes … Read more

China is trying to hack the corona vaccine formula

vaccine formula

New York Times: WASHINGTON / BEIJING: U.S. intelligence agencies and intelligence agencies have revealed that hackers from Chinese are trying to steal the formulas and information of the Coronavirus vaccine, which is undergoing rapid preparation. An investigations reports publish in the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times claim that Chinese hackers are trying … Read more

What lessons should be learned from Wuhan?

What lessons should be learned

Lockdown in Wuhan: Wuhan, the city’s first epicenter for the novel Coronavirus, has managed to win the title after a long struggle. Major media outlets around the world, including Pakistani media, made headlines on April 8 in Wuhan to end the lockdown, and numerous reviews and comments emerged. In the 76-day “public war” from January … Read more

The Corona virus and our nation

our nation

Our nation: I have today’s newspapers. Every headline, every line, is crying Corona. The Prime Minister of Pakistan has also announced to address the nation soon, and the implementation of serious decisions taken by the National Security Committee has begun. TV screens are reporting an increase in the number of Coronavirus victims every once in … Read more