When mothers were killed, I went to the hospital to breastfeed my children.

“I am also a mother of children. While I was breastfeeding my baby, I was thinking of the newborns who were orphaned in the attack on the hospital. I was wondering if they had drunk milk or were still hungry. So I decided that what I really needed to do was learn how to do it right.

This was said by Feroze Younis Omar, who two days ago volunteered to breastfeed the children whose mothers had died in the attack after a militant attack on a maternity center in Kabul. The children were taken to Ataturk Hospital after the attack.

According to the report, two mothers with newborns were also killed in the attack, while a total of 24 people, including other mothers and nurses, were killed. More women were killed in the labor room.

The US special envoy to Afghanistan, Zalmai Khalilzad, said in a tweet yesterday that according to a US analysis, the attack was carried out by the extremist organization ISIS.

The Afghan Taliban on the other hands, has expressed dissatisfaction with the attack and called for an independent and transparent investigation.

Feroze, 27, from Herat Province, Afghanistan, teaches sophistication at a university in Kabul and works in a government office.

She told The Independent Urdu in an exclusive interview that while she was at home breastfeeding her four-month-old baby, she was thinking of the children at the Kabul hospital whose mothers had been killed in the delivery room. Was given

She said she posted on Facebook that if a woman was needed to breastfeed at the hospital, she could come voluntarily. Then a doctor at the hospital called and asked him to come soon.

Feroza said: “The doctor at the hospital told me over the phone that the children were very hungry so you should rush to the hospital. I left my four-month-old baby at home and went to the hospital, where I started breastfeeding. People rush to the hospital to donate blood to those injured in the attacks, but I went to give milk to the children because they needed milk.

She said the day of the attack was horrific, and as a mother, all her attention was on the children in the hospital whose mothers had been killed when they were born a few hours earlier and their mothers. I did not see them correctly.

“Those kids were like my son Ryan to me, separated from his mother,” Feroze said. I breastfed them with the same love as I feed my son. I did not do any favors to anyone but did it out of duty.

He added that he came back from the hospital and posted on Facebook in which he appealed to other women to go to the hospital and breastfeed their children as they need milk.

Feroze’s volunteer work is being praised on social media. Basira Safa, a woman on Facebook, wrote that by doing this, Feroze had sent a message to these extremists that the children of this earth will not live without mothers, but every mother in this country will be the mother of these children.

Another Facebook user, Zabihullah Dawlatzai, wrote on Facebook that this great mother showed the enemies of Afghanistan that the Tajiks, Uzbeks, Pashtuns, and Hazaras living here are one nation.

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