Exercises and tips for beautiful women’s feet

Women are very sensitive about facial protection but often neglect the feet even though the feet carry the weight of the whole body and endure the fatigue of the day so their protection is as important as the face and hands. Here are tips for beautiful women’s feet.

In acupuncture and acupressure, the foot is called the main quarter of the whole body, and almost all ailments are treated by inserting needles in the foot and pressing certain points in a certain order with amazing results. In addition, health experts have mentioned some tips for beautiful women’s feet and recommended some exercises to make the feet look good and healthy, which can solve many of their problems, but before exercising, we should pay attention to pedicure to protect our feet. Because we can’t expect good results unless we make the foundation look good.

Common Tips

Pedicure is a very common word that everyone knows. The parlor has one-to-one modern and standard pedicure service but most women do not use this common name when it comes to focusing on beauty perfection due to cost and lack of time. You can enhance your beauty if you do a standard pedicure at home while fighting inflation in a short time.
To do a standard pedicure at home we will need a few items such as a nail cutter, nail filer, antiseptic solution detox, towel, shampoo, small brush or toothbrush, and toothbrush. First, cut the toenails with a nail cutter and then insert them with a filer to give them a proper shape.

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Take lukewarm water in a tub and mix a little shampoo and a few drops of antiseptic solution or detox in it. If this solution is not available, add a pinch of crushed alum or a small piece of alum to water. Now thoroughly clean the toenails dipped in water with the help of a toothbrush. Brush the backs of your hands and the soles of your feet with light hands. This process will separate the dirt and dead cells on the skin and the skin will look clean. Then wash your feet with plain water and dry them with a towel.

Take a standard scrub available in the market and apply it on your feet. If there is no scrub, mix two spoons of turmeric in a cup of yogurt and mix it on the feet. After five to ten minutes, massage and take off and then wash with plain water. Finally, apply a good moisturizer, if there is no moisturizer, apply rose liqueur or file a banana and mix a little dry milk in it and then leave it on the feet for about ten minutes, then wash with plain water. This process will completely refresh the skin by providing natural moisture.

Now we come to the best exercise of the feet which keeps not only our feet but also our whole body active and fit. The easiest and best leg exercise is brisk walking. If you feel hurt while walking or running fast, if you feel any pain or discomfort at the moment, stop immediately and relax.

Also, wrap ice or cold towels there for at least 10 minutes so that the affected part of the body is not heard, then wrap a bandage well. Be careful not to tie the strap too tightly.

Spread a towel on the floor, stand barefoot on it. Now grab the towel from the bottom and try to lift it up. This exercise will increase the overall strength of the legs. Take a cricket or tennis ball with your soles on it and keep rolling the ball. This is also a great exercise that will make you feel happy immediately. These few exercises are also very useful in diabetes and other diseases.

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