Economic growth or poor death?

Praise be to Allah. SeaPak will revolutionize Pakistan’s economy. No further loan from the IMF. They are giving relief to the public. Several projects are underway to eradicate poverty. So the program will benefit the poor. The budget is public-friendly. Is going to set an example of development. From morning to evening and from evening tonight, the media is full of hypocritical statements of political orbits as if we were ten times ahead of the United States in real progress.

The noisy ones of economic development may not want to hear the screams of the poor as to how they are living. How is their morning, and what are the scenes of the Resurrection at night in their homes? From children’s milk to home rations, home-based disputes are becoming more common. How does a person who earns twenty thousand rupees a month is paying for his household, whether he knows it or his God? If no one knows, then the rulers do not see the time.

Our current rule, where everything is known through the media, comes through Twitter to fulfill its duty. Inflation is nothing new in the country. Each government inflated its share and waged its interests. But the current government has broken all inflation records and put into practice the slogan that the poor will have to die to end poverty. To carry out this work, Rule-Time has a very honest cabinet, which in new ways is always appealing to the public daily, seeking the pleasure of their master.
People do not have access to two-day bread today. It is a world of poverty that people used to sell their children to, but now the children are starving themselves. Today, the situation of people has reached the point that they are having breakfast in the morning by buying ten-rupee sugar and five rupees leaves. Many families are deprived of it.

I was meeting a kid at my local shop who came to the shop and said that Uncle would give them some food. I was standing The shopkeeper, according to custom, shocked the child that he should run away. But why did I not find that child beggar? I gave the money to the shopkeeper and said, provide the baby with what he needs. When did this kid tell the shopkeeper that Uncle’s money would come from the dough? So the earth slipped from under my feet. I thought that the child would take some chocolate etc. and would be gone, but the child demanded flour, where we were ashamed, he was told that the punishment would be punished on time. It is not known when he is hungry and what the conditions of the house will be. This kid knows.

On the child’s innocent question, I asked her, “Isn’t your child homemade flour?” So the child answered with extreme innocence, shaking his neck. Then he insisted that Abu had gone to work, we had not eaten anything last night, and in the morning, Amy did not give anything. Amy says the dough is gone. If Abu gets money, he will bring flour. But I know that Abu has gone to work and he will be here at night. The words of this little angel sounded strange. I didn’t understand what to do at that time. However, I took a 10kg bag of flour and walked with my baby to his house. The door was open, the baby went straight in, and after a while, a woman with the baby came out. I grabbed a bag of flour and started saying that the baby was hungry and made his bread. Placing the bag of flour at their doorstep, I turned and walked away, and the woman said only one sentence, “Son Allah give you more.”

This story is not of a house. This story is from every home today. The population of Karachi does not include the nobles and the rich. The majority of the working class here, who go out of the house every day in the factories, factories, laborers, sheds, and leaflets in search of their livelihood, and on their return in the evening, have only enough money in their pockets to barely eat their one-time bread. Feed the family. I daily refer to many people who are on the brink of poverty.

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Another family I met a few days ago. The sole sponsor of the house was on the bed, and the circumstances of the house were such that a Zero bulb failed to illuminate the entire room with dim light. Zahir Khan’s two kidneys have failed, and he is undergoing treatment with SIUT. The father of three daughters has been coughing at home for the rest of his life. Whenever two-time bread in the house comes from the neighborhood, they sometimes stay on the floor. The eldest daughter is nine years old, while the youngest is one year. The daughter does not go to school because the father does not have the money to go to school. The wife does not know Urdu, so she cannot work anywhere. Now, what more can I write about a house where poverty has had its claws? I hope this house will be the cause of the torment for the time being.

Our playwright politicians are sitting up to save their democracy. At any time, the form of legislation is being framed on the matter of the Army Chief, and sometimes the decision of the future of the country is being decided by Harimam Shah. Chief Minister of Information

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