How to End Poverty?

The United Nations UNDP’s “Global Multimedia Portability Index 2019” states that 1.3 billion people from 101 countries worldwide suffer from multidisciplinary poverty. These two-thirds of the population belong to middle-class families. Most of them are children under the age of 18.

The poorest people worldwide, whose daily income is less than two and a half dollars, are touching three billion. Economic problems have arisen in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Palestine, Kashmir, which have been subjected to decades of external attacks and civil war.

In developing countries, such as Germany, the number of people who eat anchor is up to 1.5 million. The total number of anchors here is 942.
Balochistan is Pakistan’s poorest province, where 37.3 percent of the population lives in urban areas. We understand that our biggest problem is terrorism, while it is not. Because the most significant, most severe and important issue is poverty, which is the root of all social and political evils if the governments show a golden dream to continue their rule, the people do not get out of the circle of bread, and they can not think positively because the poor man sees the food even in the sun.

On the one hand, there is the noise of world development, and on the other, economically unfair society is giving rise to crime. Depression and severe mental disorders can lead to poverty and depression. Then people make money out of the gap between legitimate and illegitimate. Then there is also the sale of items that are prohibited.

Many young people suffering from unemployment use drugs, so the overall development of the country is halted. Because young people are a large segment of the population when they become ill and inactive, what soil will the country develop?

Inadequate health facilities and a sudden increase in accidental deaths are also the cause of poverty. Because of the poor pocket is empty, he cannot see the doctor or buy medicines. Even in charity hospitals, it has no auditions.

On the other hand, hunger and depression also lead to illiteracy. Seeing other children go to school creates a feeling of deprivation among the poor, and it also makes a gentleman guilty. Many of our negative emotions and emotions, such as selfishness, anger, and competitiveness, are caused by poverty. The tendency of comparison with others in society creates sadness and unhappiness, which makes a person guilty.

The UN has set a deadline for 2030 to end poverty. However, everything is fruitless. The main reason is that the United Nations cannot impose sanctions on Israel, the United States, and India. This organization operates through the funds of those countries.

The above countries are arms makers. It can only continue to be bought and sold when profits are lost in poorer countries. Because of the poorer countries get the option of self-control over their resources, then they will keep an eye on the eyes of these big countries and will not allow their funds to be used indiscriminately.

The establishment of anchorage for alleviating poverty on the outside world is also being promoted in Pakistan. However, full reliance on anchorage will keep the working people inactive. The Chinese proverb is that it is better to catch a fish than to give it a fishing line.

The launch of development projects is not just the job of the government, but the employment opportunities can be created at the private level. We have to pay a worker up to twenty thousand to improve their per capita income. In many institutions, the practice of short-sighted and timely pay is being wiped out, which should be discouraged. In such a situation, man becomes destructive.

Quaid-e-Azam gave the idea of ​​making Pakistan an Islamic welfare state, which needs to be revived. Gentlemen should take practical steps for the betterment of marginalized sections of society. There are often many white robbers on the highways who need our help.

Reducing the volume of external debt, increasing GDP, improving the taxation system can reduce poverty.

This is bitter, but it is true that we have not practiced skills and training, but rather have just created rotting parrots. There are many areas in which we can work—not working for generating artificial electricity, storing food on a scientific basis, improving water resources. Employment opportunities can arise here, and many young people can stand on their feet.

Developing in the field of science is a must. We also need specialist linguists. These individuals can also serve as translators abroad. Because by learning a new language, we learn about modern society and culture. We have to try so hard for our new generation. It is not to rely on the past, nor to worry about the future. So let’s take the first step.

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