A Brief History of Artificial Intelligence

While everyone seems to be talking about artificial intelligence these days. It’s good to remember that this is not something new in 1950 Alan Turing proposed the Turing test that same year. Isaac Asimov proposed the Three Laws of Robotics in 1951.

The first Artificial Intelligence(AI) based program was written in 1955. The first self-learning game-playing program was created in 1959. The MIT AI lab is set up in 1961.

first Artificial Intelligence(AI) based program MediumBrain

The first robot is introduced into GM’s assembly line in 1964, Saw the first demo of an AI program that understands natural language in 1965. The first chatbot Eliza was invented in 1974 and then the first autonomous vehicle is created at Stanford AI lab in 1989.

Carnegie Mellon creates the first autonomous vehicle using a neural network in 1997. IBM deep blue beats Garry Kasparov at chess in 1999 and Sony introduces AIBO that same year.

The MIT AI lab’s first emotional Artificial Intelligence(AI) is demonstrated in 2004. DARPA introduces the first autonomous vehicle challenge.

In 2009 Google starts building a self-driving car. In 2010 narrative Sciences and I am straight stable to write reports. In 2011 IBM Watson beats jeopardy champions that same year. Siri Google now and Cortana become mainstream in 2015.

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Elon Musk and others announced a 1 billion dollar donation to open AI in 2016. Google’s deep mind defeats the Korean alpha go champion.

In 2016 Stanford issues the AI 100 report.

In 2016 UC Berkeley launches the center for human-compatible artificial intelligence.

As you can see AI is not new but the advances we are making are progressing at an exponential pace leveraging. Our ever faster computing power the explosion of digital data and the speed of communication infrastructure in some ways the commercialization era of Artificial Intelligence has just begun and it will profoundly affect our world as we know it similarly or possibly more profoundly than the way the internet and mobile phones have done so before don’t miss the next AI breakthroughs and subscribe to the weekly applied artificial intelligence newsletter at the mediumbrain.com.

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