Giving lectures online is not just for everyone!

Have we ever wondered what a person thinks about his life, but it doesn’t happen in spite of his millions of thoughts? This small virus that spread all over the world had disrupted the whole system of the world.
Along with the loss of human life, there was also irreparable damage to business, economy, and education. Unemployment is also rising in the country, and thousands of people have lost their jobs. Students have suffered the most from this global epidemic. Now, from September 15, educational institutions are expected to open as usual. Let’s see what happens. Currently, the education system is running online. Many platforms and apps have been introduced, which have made it easier to take classes.
Online classes allow all students to take classes at the same time. This way, teachers can get the attention of many students at a time. Even miles away, everyone is connected to an app. Considering this, the decision to take online classes proved to be a good one for many people as it did not waste any students’ time, but there were many difficulties in teaching and learning online.
While there are advantages of there are also disadvantages and disadvantages. What bothered me the most was that many of my teachers did not follow the university’s ‘office hours’ and often held classes at their own time. In that case, many times, other class times would clash, and we would get in trouble. Many times wire classes were held for up to seven hours. Due to which the students would sit in front of the computer screen all day.
The biggest hurdle in taking online classes is the internet. Sometimes it happens that such a problem arises at the very time of the class, and we cannot take the class. Sometimes it is difficult to take classes due to load shedding.
Not only students but also teachers face many difficulties. First of all, giving an online lecture is not for everyone. There are many teachers who believe in classroom learning and do not communicate well with students. The second is that during the lecture, they do not know if anyone has understood or not because most of the classes give audio lectures.
Third, teachers who are accustomed to explaining things in a practical way find it difficult to give lectures online. It is also difficult to take online exams because teachers do not know who is taking the exam. They do not supervise students properly and have difficulty understanding questions. Now hopefully, soon, we will be able to benefit from lectures in the traditional way in the classroom.